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Angry Birds This Summer

We recently posted an article about games to try out this summer and in that article one of the games suggested was a game called Angry Birds by Rovio. Angry Birds is a hugely popular iPhone game that the developers are porting over to Android with the intention of releasing it this summer for Android consumption. Well here is a bit more information on it.

Angry Birds is an extremely fun looking physics game where you shoot your birds into the air an destroy buildings with pigs in them. While the premise is the same for other games that are already out, Angry Birds features various types of birds you can unlock that do different effects, tons of secrets to uncovers and a large amount of varied and challenging levels to complete.

PocketGamer managed to get a hold of a video released by Rovio showing Angry Birds being played on the Motorola Droid/Milestone so as to cure any rumors that it may not actually be coming to Android and that it is being worked on. One great feature is the pinch zooming you can do to get the overview of the entire battlefield. While the video is short it does show the smooth and great looking gameplay along with a demonstration of the pinch zooming.

Rovio still have the release date set as this summer so we can expect it at anytime to show up on the Android market. No word on pricing either but looking at the iPhone and Ovi store prices we can expect it to go between $0.99-$1.99.

Source Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Rovio

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