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Nexus S in photo? Best Buy jumps gun on website as well

It seems as though the ghostly Nexus S is starting to make public showings… well at least to people in-store. Best Buy first had a bit of a hiccup on their website. It seems as though they got a little excited and accidentally posted an update to the mobile phones section and under T-Mobile there was an area labeled Nexus S and now photos are out!

Best Buy website photo courtesy of Phandroid

According to Engadget, this phone in the picture comes from an in-store flier showing what appears to be the Nexus S. It matches all the rumored cosmetics that had been floating around including the Gingerbread green-tinted icons because it is running Gingerbread! While we were correct about Nov.8th announcement by Samsung not going to have anything to do with another Nexus phone, we were a bit off about its actual existence.

We had hoped it would come true but we kept a big grain of salt on the rumors. Thankfully we are now shown that it indeed does exist. Production has been delayed due to ‘extensive hardware issues’ at last check but still, it is a pretty sweet looking phone. Let’s just hope that the hardware previously rumored to come with the Nexus S is much more impressive then what has been stated.

The phone pictured does have a front-facing camera and looks pretty damn close to most other Galaxy S phones too. Real? It appears so! Who wants one?

Website Referenced: Engadget


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