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Qualcomm adds Augmented Reality extension for Unity3D – beta SDK updated as well

Qualcomm has announced the release of it’s beta software for augmented reality development regarding Android games as well as applications. Regarding game development, the new AR extension for Unity 3D will help developers create games with augmented reality features much more quickly when used in conjunction with their other tools.

“Our mission at Unity Technologies is to democratise game development by making best-of-breed enabling technologies accessible to the broader developer community,” said David Helgason, co-founder and CEO of Unity Technologies. “We continue to deliver on this mission by supporting Qualcomm’s AR platform for Android application development and are excited by the potential for AR games and experiences.”

Along with this new AR extension for Unity3D, Qualcomm has released a few other tools to help things along the way when developing games for Android using augmented reality technology. Everything has been updated as well including Qualcomm’s software development kit (SDK) for Android which is a new beta version.

If you are a developer you can download all the Qualcomm tools you need including the SDK for free over at the Qualcomm developer website.

Website Referenced: The Inquirer

Developer Websites: Unity3D | Qualcomm

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