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HandyGames and Connect2Media to distribute GlobalFun games on Android

Connect2Media and HandyGames have gone into an agreement with GlobalFun regarding the distribution of their games following the developers recent announcement regarding liquidation. In the agreement Handy Games will publish Crazy Cats and UFO Afterlight exclusively on Android in most territories while Connect2Media will do the Israel and Egypt distribution.

Connect2Media will also be publishing the rather interesting looking game, GISH, on Android as well. It is interesting to see a game development company be split like this even going so far as to mark of regions for distribution even though both HandyGames and Connect2Media could distribute these titles internationally if they wanted to do so.


While we will see Crazy Cats and UFO Afterlight come from HandyGames, it would be a shame if Connect2Media decided not to internationally publish GISH. Hopefully though that doesn’t happen. GlobalFun actually have a few more titles then those three mentioned, no word on how they will be distributed.


All three games look pretty good with UFO Afterlight being an RTS type of game while Crazy Cats is a cool looking platformer with stages that rotate. You’ll want to keep an eye out for both of them hitting the Android market soon. You can check out gameplay videos for all three games over in our Games Videos section.

Website Referenced: PocketGamers

Developer Websites: Connect2Media | HandyGames | GlobalFun

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