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New art for NOVA 2 by Gameloft released – Looking mighty good

Some gamers like to read ahead regarding the storyline of upcoming games while others enjoy experiencing the storyline of a game they are playing first hand, while actually playing the game. I fall into the second group of people but I do enjoy seeing concept art. Gameloft’s upcoming addition to the NOVA series of games just had some great concept art released.

The story in NOVA 2 takes place roughly 6 years after the first installment. However I did not read further into it due to how I enjoy playing my games and experiencing the storyline. However, Gameloft has released some great art from NOVA 2 that you will all probably want to check out.

NOVA 2 will be a whole new game with better controls along with other various improvements. That’s not to say the first NOVA was bad, in fact quite the opposite, it was pretty good. So without anymore delaying, check out the sweet art from NOVA 2 below. No expected released date has been announced for Android, it is probably not for awhile anyways.

If you want to read the back story ahead of time, head over to IntoMobile as they have it in much more detail. Images are big so they may take a few seconds to load when you click on the thumbnails.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Website Referenced: IntoMobile


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