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Pocket Legends Preview

Pocket Legends is a game we’ve been following for a while here on DroidGamers and we’ll tell you why – It’s a deep 3D MMORPG with lots of levels and it’s for our favorite platform, Android. What more is there to say really? Other than it being free to download straight from the market and play of course! Full review coming in the next couple weeks.

Pocket Legends isn’t only an exciting concept, it’s a great game. With player leveling in game, special attacks and skills it still manages to play (mostly) well on mobile networks, lagging only in really highly populated areas like Safe Haven which serves as the player hub. It’s an impressive feat for a game of this scope and we find as a result it can make our HD2 quite hot and drain the battery pretty quickly, although more of a hardware issue it’s still a problem many users are going to run into. It also links into your Facebook account for communicating and playing with friends if you’re into that, but you’ll still need an account on their servers.


The game is similar to Untold Legends on PlayStation in both control and game play. The video shows how the game is controlled and it makes sense for the most part, swiping your finger in either direction controls the camera and the small analog nub controls the direction and speed of the character, similar to MiniSquadron. The game plans on making money by selling a “platinum membership” to users with benefits over other players and it can make Pocket Legends a dangerously expensive game for those of us with little self control. We aren’t saying the dungeons and expansions aren’t worth the money — because they definitely are. They just add up quickly and you can find yourself spending $20-30 dollars if you’re really into the game.

Spacetime Studios has put a tremendous amount of time on Pocket Legends and it definitely shows so far. Several dungeons are available for purchase right now with more coming in the future.The graphics are the most impressive I’ve seen on the platform and it still manages to run smoothly, with the occasional touch screen sensitivity problems that we’re sure will be worked out when the game is out of beta, showed below in the video.

We’ll leave you with a short game play video of the first dungeon being played. We’re working on the full review but it’s a massive game, you can expect it in the coming weeks.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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