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The Pocket Legends limited edition Android Robot giveaway winner is…

The awesome game Pocket Legends has grown some 125,000 account since it came to Android, probably more now. To celebrate, Spacetime Studios held a week long Scavenger Hunt in which people could find the lovable robot in-game and get some green antennas. We also were one of the sites to be lucky enough to give away a limited edition Android character.


There will only be about 12 of these ever in-game and Spacetime Studios thought it would be good if we gave one away to our readers. The chance to enter ended yesterday at noon and today we are going to announce the winner of our Twitter giveaway for this limited edition character in-game.

So without further delay on my part, the randomly selected winner of this great limited edition Pocket Legends Android character is….

Gr3yHunt3r (Twitter Name)

We will be getting in contact with you shortly, via twitter, congrats. Everyone else, don’t worry, other sites are giving some away still and who knows, maybe Spacetime Studios will let us give away another one! We also have a lot more ‘stuff’ coming up to give away so don’t go too far! You can also check out some of the great responses to the giveaway, reasons why they need the Android costume, by searching #PLAndroid on Twitter.

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