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Content Ratings now live for developers – visible in the market in a few weeks

News out of the Google camp today regarding the content rating system that was announced, via email to developers. Reto Meier tweeted that the system for developers is now live in the back-end of the Android Market. Developers who submit applications and games now have to submit them with a rating that will be shown in the Android Market soon.

The rating system contains 4 levels:

  • All
  • Pre-Teen
  • Teen
  • Mature


A quote from a recent post over at the Android Developers blog goes into a bit more detail:

“To prepare for this launch, starting next week, developers submitting new or updated applications will be required to include a rating for all applications and games uploaded onto Android Market. In addition, developers will have the next several weeks to add a rating to their existing applications and games. Once content rating is visible to users, any applications or games that do not include a rating will be treated as “Mature”.”

So get ready developers, time to start rating your own content! Ratings will be publicly visible shortly in the Android Market, probably when Gingerbread is released. For further details on what falls into what rating category, check out our previous post about the Content Rating announcement from Google.

Website Referenced: Android Developer Blog | Reto Meier Twitter

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