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Jet Car Stunts launches onto the Android Market

Jet Car Stunts is a hugely popular iOS game and has won a few awards as well and developer, True Axis, has finally brought it to the Android platform with a bunch of OpenFeint goodies included! This is a 3D driving game where your opponents are not other player so much as the tracks themselves with massive jumps, stunts and more!

Jet Car Stunts wants you to have an adrenaline rush when you play it, and you will. You’ll be doing huge stunts, mid-air loops, launching yourself off massive jumps all while racing through each track as fast as you can.


  • Smooth and fast rendering graphics
  • Responsive accelerometer controls
  • Great physics, especially when you crash
  • 36 unique and ‘insane’ tracks: 25 Platforming and 11 Time Trial tracks
  • 3 Game modes: Platforming – Just get to the end of the track, Time Trial – Race to each check point before time runs out, Tutorial – You’ll be able to learn and master all the tricks you need by practicing them.
  • Jet assisted drift landing
  • Half car and half jet means you’ll have in-air controls
  • Online leaderboards and achievements with OpenFeint
  • Upload replays with your best times


This is one of those really unique, fun games that you’ll want to try out and will probably keep, especially if you enjoy crashing while doing massive stunts in a car. You’ll be able to pick up Jet Car Stunts off the Android Market for $2.00. No free trial version but you’ll probably not need one either.

Perhaps they will bring over their great space shooter game Space Tripper soon to Android as well.

Developer Website: True Axis

Direct Market Link: Jet Car Stunts

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