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Win a HTC Desire HD Android phone or a free copy of Geocaching on Dec. 25th

While all the Advent Calendars will be wrapping up soon and you know most of them will have something really good at the end of them, T3’s last day has another surprise for you to win. What is it? Well it is another HTC Desire HD Android phone! You’ll also have a chance to win a free install of Geocaching as well.

The rules to win are the same as any other day, when the slot opens up on the calendar and the ‘Tweet to win’ link is up and live, click it to be entered. Don’t forget you can enter as many times as you like so why not tweet a few times. I’m sure no one would complain in getting a free HTC Desire HD phone! You could also win a copy of Geocaching, there is 25 to be won!

Just be ready on the 25th of December to Tweet and win. You’ll have to be following T3’s Twitter to be eligible as well so make sure you are! We might not be around so we are giving you advanced notice now!

Official Website: T3 Appvent Android Calender

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