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HTC Sense evolves

HTC’s Sense will be getting a big set of updates in the next few months, including new content partnerships, stronger integration with the HTC website and a focus on expanding Sense into the home.

HTC wants to expand this content beyond the screen of your phone with their Media Link box, a possible Roku/Apple T.V. competitor of the future with upcoming the possibility of Netflix streaming. It supports wireless DLNA streaming at high resolutions to TV’s without cables using the phone’s existing WiFi connection. HTC plans on expanding it’s European reader application to America as well. Their current partnership with Kobo will bring with it American newspapers, books, and magazines available for download on upcoming 4G networks.

The most interesting new features are expansions of “natural interaction” throughout Sense. We don’t know what a lot of those features are just yet but we’re sure we’ll find out more about them at CES. Natural interaction, introduced in Sense with 2.1 builds include features that make the phone easier to use in a way you don’t notice. Examples of it already are silencing the ringer by fliiping over the phone, and getting louder when in a bag.

Website Referenced: Forbes

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