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Exclusive: Sneak Peek at Canabalt for Android. Just as awesome as the web-based version.

A lot of people enjoy the online version of Canabalt created by Semi Secret who also help create the game Steambirds on Android. Well recently they held a fund raiser for a charity and if they reached their goal, they would release the source for Canabalt. They ended up doing just that and now one developer is working on it for Android.

While licensing is still being worked out regarding Canabalt for Android, we were able to get a copy to preview and test out from the developer working on it. Even though the code was released, licensing still applies as it wasn’t released as Open Source. At least that is the impression we are getting regarding the source code.

Either way, developer Safetydank has been hard at work making Canabalt for Android and so far it is just as good as the web-based version. On just our Nexus One it was running at a steady 33-34fps which really helps bring the impression of speed to the game which is pretty critical considering what the game is about.

If you haven’t played Canabalt, the goal is to last as long as possible while the world around you crumbles. Controls are easy, just tap the screen to jump. You’ll have to jump from rooftop to rooftop, over obstacles that are on the roofs or fall from the sky. You will definitely have to be quick on your tapping skills as some buildings also collapse beneath you. You can give the game a shot by playing the web-based version.

Update 4:18pm Feb. 3rd, 2011: Alright we have some new information regarding this that was sent to us by SafetyDank.

“There is no further licensing being worked out.  Canabalt-bluegin was released under the terms of the Canabalt iOS open source release.  The terms are clear – the code is open source, the assets (graphics, music) are not.  People are free to copy, modify and create builds from the source.  Redistribution of the assets by themselves or as part of a build is not permitted.  This is a deliberate restriction intended to protect Semi Secret’s commercial IP.

There are no plans to ever release Canabalt-bluegin onto the Android market.  Canabalt-bluegin was built as an exercise for testing my Flixel port and will continue to be developed as an open source test app.  But I have no plans to make it a complete port of the original (adding the menu screen, twitter integration etc.).” – SafetyDank

We did send Adamatomic some questions regarding Canabalt coming to Android among other things so keep your eyes peeled for that little interview going live soon.

Developer Website: Safetydank

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