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[Updated] The most epic Android tablet promo video to date featuring the LG G-Slate

Honestly, we like the way things are going when it comes to promo videos these days, especially when it comes to tablets or unique Android devices like the Xperia Play which just recently featured it’s rather twisted sweatshop-style surgery commercial showing the poor Android robot getting some thumbs.

LG has decided to ramp things up a bit regarding the LG Optimus Pad (a.k.a G-Slate here in the US) by dropping a promo video that can only be described as epic. It features the G-Slate transforming into Optimus Prime and beating the crap out of Megatron who, we can only assume by the giant Apple logo on a building he gets thrown through, represents Apple.

Even if the G-Slate turns out to suck, which we highly doubt it will considering everything it’s coming with spec-wise, this promo video makes me want one even more than I already do. We seriously need more videos like this. After watching the video, don’t be ashamed if you are aroused.

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