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Qualcomm and Southern Interactive show off an impressive game demo at MWC2011. Feel free to drool.

Our friends over at Pockett just got in touch with us to share a little exclusive trailer they happened to have filmed at MWC 2011. Qualcomm was showing off what can be done on the Scorpion processor by getting Southern Interactive, a game development studio from Sweden, to show of Desert Winds on Android.

Let me be the first to say, I was slightly aroused watching this. Desert Winds looks to be a sort of Tomb Raider/Prince of Persia-ish style of game that features some ridiculously awesome 3D graphics and some seriously sweet cinematics. It would be nice if the gameplay was like the cinematics. While this was a ‘technical’ demo to showcase what can be done with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chips and Android, the fact this game actually has a name is a good sign that we will be seeing this soon.

The processor handling this demo was a Scorpion 1.5 GHz CPU coupled with an Adreno 220 according to Pockett. The demo actually had playable areas as well so it wasn’t just some cinematics, with controls being a virtual joystick and buttons. Enjoy the demo! Oh and just in case you were curious, this was streamed onto a 3D HDTV via mini-HDMI connection.

This makes Infinity Blade look kind of mellow.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

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