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[GDC 2011] Hands-on with Crimson Heart, another nice looking JRPG coming soon for your Android device.

Tucked away in a booth surrounded by upcoming PC titles was a little game playing on an Android tablet called Crimson Heart. This is your standard looking retro-styled JRPG with nice graphics, touch screen controls, monsters that look both cute and not so cute. Combat, however, looked pretty damn awesome.

Crimson Heart has a pretty nicely laid out user interface and when in combat, the animations are big just as you would want them to be in a good retro JRPG. Another unique thing you don’t see in too many games from this genre on Android is the ability to do combos. You can beat down an enemy with a 4 or 5 hit combo, hit one of your skills such as the dash-and-slash type move and go right into beating down another enemy, giving way to some pretty high combos.

This games isn’t fully translated yet on the version we were playing since some of the text was in English while the rest in what looks like Korean (correct me if I’m wrong though). Unfortunately right now, Crimson Heart is only available through carriers in select countries but should be making its way to the Android Market for all in the very near future.

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