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[GDC2011] Hands-on with Cordy for Android, the Ilomilo for Android.

Alright maybe it isn’t the Ilomilo for Android but there are a lot of similarities when it comes to Cordy and Ilomilo such as the rotating game world and how the 3D graphics look. Since there is no word on when exactly Ilomilo will be coming to Android, Cordy is it for now but it’s definitely not settling for second place.

In Cordy you control a cute little robot where you have to get through each stage, powering up your mechanics and solving puzzles. This is a true platform game that features some really great 3D graphics for those of you who really enjoy eye candy. Even better is that you do not need a Tegra 2 device to play this even though in our video below we are playing it on a Motorola XOOM at the Google booth at GDC 2011.


Even though the game is a bit short, the developers are planning on releasing more levels and puzzles for you to get though. You little robot also has special powers and can do things like push blocks to collect more gears. As it stands right now, this is a great little time killer for anyone who enjoys platform games. Some people might be turned off by it due it the game being kind of short but keep the faith, the developers are working on updates with content.

You can grab Cordy off the Android Market for free right now and should be playable on most Android devices from the Droid/Nexus One and newer. Cordy was developed using Unity3D game engine and their new Android tools.

Developer Website: SilverTree Media

Direct Market Link: Cordy

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