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Ever wanted to play Civilization on your Android phone? Soon you’ll be able to with FreeCiv for Android

So you’ve been wanting a good, detailed Civilization clone for awhile now but really, there isn’t any available on the market that can truly stand up against the PC game. Well there is the FreeCiv movement which is creating a free version of the game but not for Android. One developer has decided to change that.

Currently in the works and already out in an early alpha form for download, FreeCiv for Android has all the features you would find in the standard Civilization games and anything that isn’t included just yet is already being worked on. While this is not supported by the actual FreeCiv website or community, FreeCiv for Android is being developed by one lone developer so we can all enjoy the game on Android.


For all you game developers who would like to pitch in and help out in some fashion, the source code is also available for you to download. If you are up for testing it out, even if it is to find bugs, feel free to do so but keep in mind it isn’t fully playable yet. Don’t go downloading it and expecting a fully functioning game just yet.

Developer Website: Hack Casual

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