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Games get Honeycomb, Xoom support

Since the Xoom, and Google’s Honeycomb update came around with it, many developers have raced to add support for Google’s latest OS. Here is a list of games specifically listing XOOM/Honeycomb support for your viewing pleasure. While the list is short right now, expect it to grow quickly over the next few months.

This list will be updated to reflect games as they get updates. It may be pushed to the front-page regularly as a result.

  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Guns Bros
  • All of the Hexage HD series of games including: EVAC HD, Radiant HD, Totemo HD, Everlands HD and Buka HD.
  • Air Attack HD (not tested, listed with Tegra support)
  • Robo Defense 2.0
  • Vendetta Online

It’s worth noting that apps that don’t specifically list Honeycomb probably still work, but games with support can add higher quality textures. Most of these are bug-fixes, however.

If you know of any others, feel free to tip us at the top of the page.

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