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Angry Birds Rio becomes the Matrix, “There are no eggs, just anger”.

At little bit of a revelation has come out regarding Angry Birds Rio which is set to be released onto Android later this month. In a bit of a twist to the usual gameplay of saving the eggs from pigs, this version won’t have any eggs to save nor will it have any pigs. Instead, just some very angry birds and animals to save.

In Angry Birds Rio, your goal isn’t to save eggs from the pigs but to save birds from animal smugglers instead. Of course this is all themed around the upcoming animated movie, Rio, set to launch in theaters later this month as well.

Rovio’s ‘Bird Whisperer’ Ville Heijari said, “No eggs, no pigs, just pure anger”.

Another little interesting piece of information that has come to light is that when launched, Angry Birds Rio will have two episodes with a total of 60 levels. This is 15 more levels then originally thought to be coming with the game. Rovio has stated though that more episodes will come in the future as well with more levels to play.

So it looks like we will now have three Angry Birds games installed on our Android devices which will all be getting updates with new episodes/levels. Does this mean instead of golden eggs to find we will have to hunt down golden birds?

Developer Website: Rovio

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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