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Another exclusive Xperia Play game now available, Hockey Nations 2011

There are some types games that are going to benefit more than others when it comes to the gaming controls the Xperia Play has to offer. Sports games will be one of those genres that are going to be just better with a physical set of gaming controls. Hockey Nations 2011 is now available exclusively for the Xperia Play.

Distinctive Developments made the first installment in the Hockey Nations series on Android last year with Hockey Nations 2010. This year, with the release of the 2011 installment, there are some big improvements when it comes to the overall game while keeping the great graphics. In fact the graphics were one of the high points with last years release since they use stop-motion capture animation from actual hockey players.


In the new installment though, aside from better controls, you’ll be able to play multiplayer over local WiFi or Bluetooth against friends. With a total of 6 different gameplay modes, 18 national teams and 40 city teams, there is plenty to do and enjoy in Hockey Nations 2011. However, the big feature we have all been waiting for is now available and that is the ability to drop the gloves and start beating on an opponent, just like in real hockey.

As with most exclusive Xperia Play games, Hockey Nations 2011 will only be exclusive for a set period of time before it comes to other Android devices. You can pick it up right now for your Xperia Play for $3.99 off the Android Market.

Developer Website: Distinctive Developments

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Market Link: Hockey Nations 2011

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