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Game Dev Story follow-up called Hot Springs Story now available. Your free time will cease to exist.

Kairosoft, developers of the ridiculously addicting game called Game Dev Story, have released a new game which is sort of a follow-up to Game Dev Story but with a different theme. Hot Springs Story is just like Game Dev Story except instead of developing a gaming studio and hit games, you are building the ultimate Japanese hot springs resort.

You’ll have to position all the utilities where you think they will bring in the most customers, craft Japanese gardens with all sorts of items in order to attract the best guests to your resort like movie stars and other famous people. If you’ve played Game Dev Story then you’ll already be familiar with how everything is laid out in terms of menus and things of that nature, so you should be able to just jump right in.


If you haven’t played Game Dev Story and are just now jumping into Hot Springs Story, it’ll take a minute to get used to everything but once you do, it’ll be really hard to put the game down just like it was with Game Dev Story. You can pick up Hot Springs Story right now off the Android Market for $5.41 which is 20% off what the regular price will be when the sale ends.

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Market Link: Hot Springs Story

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