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[Updated] Pocket Legends turns 1yr old. Exclusive content, free content and much more to celebrate!

Pocket Legends turns 1yr old this month and to celebrate there is a lot going on. The game servers is currently under maintenance to ring in the new goodies for everyone and there is a lot of it including free content which is usually accessible only through paying for it. That certainly isn’t all though so read on for all the details!

The patch number will be 1.7.1 and aside from the free content everyone will have access too, there are a bunch of other cool stuff you’ll get. If you previously paid to get into the “main spine” of content, as they are calling it, you’ll receive a limited edition shield called the “Shield of Gratitude”. If you’ve been with the game since the beginning you’ll receive a “Founder’s Helm”.

Full Features list:

  • The “Main Spine” of content is now free: Balefort Castle, Fathom Crypts, Lost Expedition, Ancient Swamps, Alien Oasis Trilogy, and Balefort Sewers.
  • All accounts that have previously purchased the Main Spine will be automatically granted the “Shield of Gratitude”, a limited-edition shield given to those that have supported our efforts up to this point.
  • Festive Party Hats are now available in the store.
  • Wave at someone wearing one to receive a smaller party hat and help us celebrate our first year.
  • Characters can now only enter a campaign dungeon if they are within 2 levels of the minimum recommended level requirement for that campaign.
  • Players of all levels will be able to enter any towne.
  • Attempting to host a dungeon your character does not have minimum required level access to will put you in the last towne you were in.
  • Added 3 “mega-combos” that require all 3 character classes to perform. These mega-combos stack onto existing combos. Give them a try!
  • Nature Strike + Hellscream
  • Shatter + Break Armor
  • Crushed + Drain Life.
  • Elixirs can now only be purchased with Platinum.
  • Skill respecs now cost 2 Platinum again.
  • Magic Mirror faces are now all 5 Platinum.
  • Wyldwood, Croc Feud, and Shadow Caves are now paid access campaigns. Players who already have access to Balefort Castle, Croc Swamp, and Alien Oasis 3 should be granted these expansions for free.


Founder’s Helms

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of all the birthday celebrating Spacetime Studios is doing with Pocket Legends, especially with the free content! So we won’t keep you from playing any longer. Go get the update and get ready for when the servers come back online which should be any time now.

Update April 18th, 2011 3:33pm: Just to give all your Pocket Legends players a heads up, if your account is at least 6 months old, you will also receive a Founder’s Helm.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

Market Link: Pocket Legends

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