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Sneak Peek: Gravity switching robot filled platformer called Roboto coming to Android devices soon!

Roboto is an action-packed side scrolling platformer from the crew over at Fenix Fire that will be making it’s way onto Android very soon. Build with Unity3D, Fenix Fire has a graphical look similar to Samurai II: Vengeance for Android Tegra 2 devices with the whole cartoon-ish look to it but in 3D and it pulls it off just as good too.

The game combines action-platformer gaming with some physics and a touch of gravity reversal just to throw you for a loop while you are playing. Every time you pass through the blue sections of each stage, gravity will reverse and instead you will be running upside down on the top of the level. The goal of the game is to find your mystery robo-girl who will hopefully not reject you once you find her.

Features (if similar to the online version):

  • 30 Levels
  • 6 Different Weapons
  • Epic end boss battles
  • Stunning Physics
  • Character Upgrades
  • Great 3D graphics and effects



As you may have guessed from the features list’s title, there is an online version available for you to try out over at Fenix Fire’s mini-site for Roboto which you can get to here. You will need to have the Unity WebPlayer installed in your browser to play the online version. No exact date as to when this will be available for Android, all we know is that it is ‘coming soon’ which could be anytime. Until then, check out the screenshots and the official trailer we have for you to enjoy and tide you over till it is available.

Official press release below as well for your reading enjoyment. If you have finished Cordy then you’ll be looking forward to this platformer.

Developer Website: Fenix Fire

Take The Role of Roboto, A Robot Boy On A Rocket Boarding Quest To Ask The Robo-girl Of His Dreams Out On A Date.

Los Angeles, Calif. – April 19, 2011 Fenix Fire, an independent game developer of innovative, mobile-based games, today announced Roboto, an original side scrolling platform adventure coming soon to the Apple® iPhone, iPad®, and Android mobile devices and tablets.

Join Roboto, a typical awkward teen robot boy who’s already having a hard enough time just trying to fit in with the rest of his rocket board riding crew, pass Botology 101, and beat his high score in Robotron, when the girl he is crushing on is unexpectedly rocketed away.

Can our titanium teen robot boy find this mysterious robo-girl?  Does he have what it takes to cross the galaxy in his epic quest to ask out the girl of his dreams?  Even if he finds her, will she say yes? Find out as you Grind, Air Walk and Ollie off vertical walls on your rocket board across 30 galvanizing levels, power up, and shred every bot and GINORMOUS mechanical menace that stands between you and your one true love.

“I can’t wait for action platformer game fans of all ages to rocket board with Roboto across the Galaxy. They will discover a light-hearted adventure with all the fun and addicting gameplay action of old school platformers they’ve come to know and love with our own Fenix Fire twist”, said Brian McRae, Creative Director of Fenix Fire.

About Fenix Fire

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Fenix Fire is an independent game developer of innovative, mobile-based games.  Fenix Fire strives to produce fun, casually old school games that are easy to play yet difficult to master with vibrant, cheerful 3D graphics. Fenix Fire is focused on placing unique twists on familiar themes and committed to bringing their unique brand of mobile gaming to consumers.   Quite simply, Fenix Fire is an Indy developer with AAA values.

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