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Gameloft’s MMORPG Order and Chaos hit with more problems, this time of the item duping kind.

There are a few good reasons Order and Chaos hasn’t landed on Android just yet. There are all the issues we mentioned in our original post about this game coming to Android that has to be dealt with but there is a new kid on the block causing some problems. We have named him Mr. Dupe.

If you have ever played any of the early MMORPGs online then you already know about item duping bugs. This is something every MMORPG that comes out tries to avoid but sometimes it happens anyways. If an MMORPG doesn’t have an item duping bug, you know there are about 50 scams telling of way to dupe items. Essentially, duping items is exploiting a bug in the game to duplicate items even when you aren’t allowed to do so. Prime reason for doing this, in-game money. Nothing is more profitable than selling a bunch of rare weapons and items.


Gameloft hasn’t publicly addressed this issue yet even though there is a thread over on the official Order and Chaos forums about it. Basically, when you receive something in the mail and hit “extract all” a bunch of times, you will receive multiple copies of that item. We aren’t telling you this to have you go out and do it which will eventually get you banned I’m sure. However, we would hope that the Gameloft developers are on top of this getting a fix in place before the entire economy in-game goes to crap. As a former hardcore MMORPG player, it sucks when that happens.

We have contacted Gameloft with questions regarding this but have yet to receive any answers back. When we do, we will let you know. The sooner these issues are fixed, the faster we will have Order and Chaos on Android.

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