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Warspear Online mobile MMORPG drops the subscription fee, goes free-to-play instead.

Warspear Online has been out for a little while already and is another retro-style MMORPG for mobile device, including Android. Before now, you would have to pay-to-play Warspear Online but after an update that was released today for the game, Warspear Online it now completely free to play.

Featuring some pretty awesome treto-style graphics, Warspear Online has a pretty solid user base already. For those of you who have been playing and paying the subscription fee, if you have payed for future months of playing, the remaining balance will be converted into in-game currency. This means that Warspear Online will be taking on the Freemuim business model and be offering in-game purchases instead of a subscription fee. Now you will be able to play as much as you like without spending a penny if you don’t want to.


Other changes in the update:

  • Primary skills of characters. Long-awaited and unique “skills” have appeared for each class. There are not so many of them but we constantly work to ensure that there were new, making your game more interesting.
  • Allowed the battles between players of opposing alliance (PvP). This is just what you can prove ownership of the skills art.
  • A new area with access to quests and merchants of neutral fraction “Chainless League”. First meeting with the new faction, which will allow to earn reputation and buy unique items in the nearest future.
  • Sounds. They’re back! Beautiful and magical.
  • A simplified system for registration and login. Now for the registration of new users you do not need to enter an email and get into the game even easier. In this case, old authorization by email still continues to operate.
  • Improvements in the interface. A new map, which was adapted for touch-devices (supports drag-n-drop), the progress bar, the NPC markers, fog on the map, markers assignments and much, much more!
  • Redesigned automatic items sharing in the group. Now items are always randomly distributed among the members.
  • Localization of the Vietnamese language. In association with VTC Mobile, we run the game in Vietnam. All players from this country is recommended to choose a server VN-Chuanhan.
  • Mini-bosses now drops weapons as well as a balanced drop of items from creatures

Android Specific:

  • Ability to install or transfer the client to the external memory
  • Fixed a bug with a dark screen when booting on some phone models


So if you don’t have enough retro-RPG titles to play, now you have one more to test out and consider without worrying about the subscription fee. if you’ve been playing and paying for Warspear Online, guess you will be the first ones to test out the new in-game purchases when they arrive.

Developer Website: Warspear Online

Android Market Link: Warspear Online

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