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Hands-on with Spacetime Studios upcoming MMORPG, Star Legends, at E3. Also win a pin!

One of the things we were really looking forward to was getting some hands-on time with Spacetime Studios’ upcoming MMORPG for Android (and iOS) called Star Legends. We also really wanted to check out how the game would handle using the Xperia Play controls. We were not disappointed at all.

Star Legends is a space themed MMORPG that will be geared to the slightly more hardcore gamer crowd unlike it’s older brother, Pocket Legends. Of course if you are a casual gamers, you can still play Star Legends perfectly fine. For right now, Star Legends will be on the ground but don’t rule out the possibility of ships in the future. The universe that it is set in is very big as well already so once you get into the game, there will be a lot to do already.

Another great feature, which you will see in the video and we have reported on before, is that each class will come with both a male and female version. Graphically it follows the same sort of style that you would find in Pocket Legends. The controls on the Xperia Play are great and aside from bringing them to Star Legends, all you Xperia Play owners who play Pocket Legends will be happy to know that it is coming to that game as well. They work well and controlling your character with the touch pads while using your skills makes Star Legends feel a lot more arcade-like.


There is a whole lot more strategy-wise in Star Legends though, things that only specific classes will be able to do. So when doing instances, a balanced group will come in handy. Also, while you have your tank class, for more subtle touches the operative or engineer might be what you want to play. Gear will also be a lot more accessible in general gameplay as well

Pocket Legends did also have some news to bring to the table as well aside from the Xperia Play controls. A possible housing system, level cap raise and PvP are all being looked into when it comes to Pocket Legends. These could also spill over into Star Legends as well.

If you don’t have an Xperia Play don’t worry, the touch screen controls work great as well. While the user interface is different from that of Pocket Legends, it is really easy to pick up and get the hang of. So I’m sure a lot of you are eager to get your hands on Star Legends and you will be pleased to know the wait is almost over. Closed Betas will begin in the next couple of weeks and, should everything go well, we will see the game go live in the very near future. However, if Star Legends isn’t your cup of tea you will be pleased to know that Spacetime Studios has a couple of other titles in the works right now covering other themes. They did mention to Massively that one would be darker with things such as vampires while the other may be a western theme games.

Until then, check out the gameplay footage we have of Star Legends from E3. We promised you we would bring you video of it as soon as we can, and here it is. Enjoy! If you have every wondered about Spacetime’s commitment to their games with all the new stuff rolling out, we thought that as an ending footnote you would like to know that both Gary Gattis and Fernando Blanco spent the entire convention at the Sony Ericsson booth. Now that is dedication.

Contest: We got our hands on two of the three pins in the set (everyone seemed to have pilfered the tank pin right away) for Pocket Legends that they were giving away. To win one, just let us know in the comments below what class you play and we will select a random winner in each class that we have a pin for and send it to you! We have 1 Archer and 1 Sorcerer pin up for grabs. Good luck and you can check out the pins in the video below! We will be announcing the winners of the pins tomorrow, July 15th!

We will also be adding more gameplay footage of Star Legends and Pocket Legends running on the Xperia Play on our YouTube channel.


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