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SilverTree Media developing new game for Android called Sleepy Jack. Looking mighty nice already.

You’ve probably heard of Silvertree media by now but if not, then you have probably heard of their game that they have released, the awesome platformer called Cordy? Yes those guys. Well they are currently developing a new game for Android called Sleepy Jack and it is shaping up real nicely.

Sleepy Jack is a unique little game where you play as a child who is asleep and to stay asleep you have to collect ‘Zs’. You will also get to shoot monsters while you fly around in your dreams. Graphics are similar to Cordy in their 3D aspect and so far look great. The gameplay will remind you of a tunnel racer type of game but you will be able to shoot monsters and even have big boss fights. While the theme may seem a bit cutesy, the gaming is pretty serious and high-paced.

If you like flying shooters then you’ll want to keep an eye out for when this game drops onto the Android Market. As to when that exactly will be, we do not know just yet. However, doing a barrel roll as a small child shooting monsters makes us want to play this game already. Sleepy Jack is already shaping up to be a hit title. Enjoy the preview video.

Developer Website: Silvertree Media

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