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Ubisoft developing a game for cross-platform play with all types of device dependent controls

One game that was at the OnLive booth was a neat little game called From Dust which is being developed by Ubisoft. While the game itself is pretty interesting, one key feature that really stands out is that it will be cross-platform compatible, across most platforms, with all types of controls.

Basically what this means is that you can play this game on your PC or console and when you stop, you can pick it up on, say, your Android tablet and keep playing where you left off. The interesting part though is that while playing on one platform you could be using the keyboard and mouse, for example, then when you move to your Android device you could use touch screen controls or of course the Universal Remote from OnLive.

The game is about controlling a ‘breath’ and as you progress through the game you learn where it is from and help it evolve. You will have tasks that need to be completed in a certain amount of time and you ability to take elements and use them to stop natural disasters or help progress civilizations are pretty interesting. The graphics are great as well and will look great on tablets when it is made available. From Dust will be available through the OnLive service. No word on if it will be released separately on individual platforms.

Official trailer available over at the official From Dust game website.

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