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Hungry Shark celebrates 6th millionth download on Android and releases part 3.

Hungry Shark is an interesting game where you control a shark with the goal of eating everything that you can. As you eat, you will grow in size making it harder to navigate areas and avoid objects that will hurt you. If you don’t eat enough, you end up dieing as well. Between all their versions, the game has broken 6 million downloads.

This is between the free versions and the paid versions but still, 6 million+ downloads is an excellent number. To celebrate, the developers have released part 3 onto the Android Market which features a slew of new content while keeping the same great human chomping fun at your disposal.


  • Full use of Tilt controls + alternate touch controls
  • An ocean full of food and enemies
  • Combo eating bonuses
  • Lost objects from the world above, find them all for big points
  • Hi-score tables: Private and Global, Last 24hrs, Your Country
  • Unlock achievements by completing 20+ new challenges!
  • Supports Move2sd so you can free up space on your phone



Remaining are the great 3D graphics and plenty of blood and screaming from the humans you eat. Should humans be on a shortage, you also have fish and other creatures to eat as well. There are 20 new creatures to chow down on, new levels including an ‘evil genius lair’ and massive oil rigs along with new enemies including other sharks in the water. You can grab part 3 off the Android Market right now for $5.20.

Developer Website: Future Games of London

Android Market Link: Hungry Shark Part 3

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