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Settlers of Catan now available on the Android Market.

The very popular board game called Settlers of Catan that we reported on a few weeks back has finally landed on the Android Market. This will make a lot of the fans of the game happy but it also does have a few things to consider before jumping right into it and downloading it.

Settlers of Catan has you going against AI opponents in a bid to dominate as much territory as you can. Similar to Risk-style games in nature, it comes with naval combat and other things you miss out in games such as Risk. Settlers of Catan is a turn-based strategy game so each turn you will gather resources, build your town(s) and expand.


  • Available languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Initial version optimized for standard and high resolution smartphones
  • Original “Settlers of Catan” rule set
  • Hot seat multiplayer mode
  • Smart computer opponents with individual strategies
  • Scrollable game board including zoom option
  • Freely combinable game settings
  • Situation-related music and sound effects
  • Game statistics
  • Comprehensive tutorial
  • The new scenario “The 4 Islands” and two additional game variants
  • Info ticker line: Keep track of your fellow players’ actions while still keeping an eye on the game board
  • 3 different graphic sets to choose from: Play with the classic set or select the original graphics from the US or German board game editions



Settlers of Catan also comes with in-game purchases where you will be able to buy the Seafarers expansion which comes with over 10 other scenarios for you to play. The expansion also comes with new Islands, gold fields, pirates and more. You can grab Settlers of Catan off the Android Market right now for $4.31 and you will have to dish out some more cash for the expansion when you are ready to play that as well.

Developer Website: USM

Website Referenced: Android Police

Android Market Link: Catan

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