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Exent finally launches Android’s first subscription game market called Gametanium Mobile

Back in January of this year we reported on a subscription-based game market that would be coming to Android soon. This service by Exent would feature Netflix-style services but with Android games instead of movies. Exent has finally released this service publicly and you can try it out for free.

Gametanium for Mobile will feature 75 games right off the jump with it’s launch today with more planned in the future to be added. Some of the games you will be able to play on demand are SpeedX 3D, Farm Frenzy, Majesty: Fantasy Sim Game, Hotel Mogul and more. It does come with some pretty unique features aside from the subscription-based game-on-demand service it offers:

  • Seamlessly switch devices with continuous play and saved games/scores
  • Hundreds of certified quality games
  • Video trailers, screenshots, game descriptions and recommendations
  • One cross-device service allows a pay once, play anywhere subscription



As it says above, you are able to play anytime, anywhere on any device when you are subscribe to the Gametanium service. That means you can play on your phone, then jump onto your tablet and continue playing at any time. while this could be great for gamers, developers get to see benefits from having their game on the service as well. While it won’t be immediate income like you see with direct sales, you will get continuous income as your game is played more and more.

Gametanium is now available to try out for free. A subscription to the Gametanium service will set you back $4.99/month and as of right now there is no support for tablets, only Android phones. Tablet support will be arriving soon though.

This won’t be the only gaming-on-demand service we will be seeing land on Android. OnLive is heading to Android tablets very soon, Wild Tangent is teaming up with T-Mobile for a similar service, and of course Valve’s Steam is also rumored to be coming to Android soon as well as GameStop’s DLC service.

Website Referenced: Gigaom

Developer Website: Exent

Official Gametanium Website: Gametanium Mobile

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