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Highly anticipated iOS RPG, The Shadow Sun, will also be coming to Android

Ossian’s upcoming 3D RPG game for iOS, The Shadow Sun, has been highly anticipated since it was announced back in 2010. Since then development has been going strong albeit taking a lot of time. When it comes to quality though, why rush things right? Well we have good news for Android RPG fans.

Back when this game was announced it was destined to be for iOS but since then many requests were to have this game land on Android as well. The last that was heard about this topic from the developers was back in June 2011 when they said in their forums they were strongly considering bringing this game to Android as well. Well we have received word from Ossian that it will indeed be coming to Android. Why should this make you excited?

Ossian is made up of veteran game developers including Alan Miranda who was the producer for Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal and the entire studio was also apart of the development for the Neverwinter Nights Series. These guys are no strangers to making top notch triple-A RPG games and now they have turned their focus onto mobile. Their aim for this game is to bring a mesh of gaming styles into one title such as the adventure feeling of Dungeons & Dragons with the real-time combat of games like The Witcher. To top it all off they are throwing in a little sci-fi horror into the mix.


Screenshots courtesy of TouchArcade

The Shadow Sun is a western-style 3D RPG which will be their first release onto mobile devices. While this is supposed to be western-themed you will be roaming around with swords, shields and more medieval items at your disposal. The entire world in The Shadow Sun is centered around one place, the imperial city of Shal. While tension runs high with the world inhabitants, aliens have somehow entered the fray and have begun tampering with the planet’s sun. As they mess with the sun, the world is slowly being engulfed in a shadow that comes with some pretty horrible results.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot more information about how the game will play out and the only real description for the game is the short blurb from their site which read:

  • Enter a story full of complex characters, intrigue, danger, and shocking surprises.
  • Explore the decadent imperial city of Shar and the exotic desert lands around it.
  • Battle enemies using magical powers and dozens of weapons.
  • Play as male or female with a character system that allows you to evolve your character’s abilities exactly how you want.
  • Ally with one of several companions to adventure with and fight alongside.
  • Make your role-playing choices wisely through dialogue or action, and become either a hero or a villain.


You can expect this game to come with some really great gameplay, features and storyline considering the veterans behind it’s development. No word just yet on pricing or when the Android version will be released but the iOS version is slated to come out sometime in the Fall of 2011. Hopefully we will see the Android version land sometime around there as well. Until then, enjoy the only screenshots available for this game above.

Developer Website: Ossian

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