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Wednesday Morning Humor: Simon and Lewis from the Yogscast get interviewed by Sony Ericsson

If you watch any sort of Minecraft videos then you’ve probably watch some from the Yogscast which is done by Simon and Lewis. Generally these two are pretty damn funny in their own shows but Sony Ericsson got them inside the majestic Xperia Play Winnebago for an interview at GamesCom.

While it’s just overall entertaining to see these two talking about Minecraft and the Xperia Play, you also get to see an awesome TNT plushie toy that we must now hunt down and purchase like the geeks we are here at DroidGamers. They also mention about future updates coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition for the Xperia Play which will bring the mobile version much closer to the PC version within the next couple of months.

You’ll also get an update on what the Yogscast has in store for future episodes. If you haven’t checked out the Yogscast on YouTube, you should because you will probably enjoy it thoroughly, especially if you are a Minecraft fan of any kind. Enough talking from us though, enjoy the video!

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