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[Updated] EA does it again, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit now available… on the Flexion Store

Yet another highly anticipated game for Android has gotten placed on some marketplace that very little of the Android population has access to. EA has released Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit onto their Flexion Store which means this is, for the time being, exclusive to the Xperia Play.

However, not only is this game exclusive to the Xperia Play for right now which, as someone who doesn’t have an Xperia Play is something we are getting used to, this is also exclusive for right now on EA’s Flexion Store. This means that you have to be able to access the Flexion Store in order to purchase this game before you can play it on your Xperia Play. The EA Flexion Store seems to only be available for Xperia Play owners in the UK.

In this game you will be outrunning the law in supercars or, should you feel like being on the side of the cops, hunt down racers and stop them in their tracks with high-powered police interceptor vehicles. As a cop you can lay down spike strips and roadblocks while as a racer you’ll be able to use overdrive, oil slicks and more.

Here are some of the features if it follows the iOS version:

  • 20 different cars include 15 police variants
  • Career points and achievements
  • Solid 3D graphics
  • Local multiplayer for 1-on-1 racing through Bluetooth or local WiFi



Screenshots from iOS version until we get some Android ones.

This hasn’t stopped people from getting these Flexion Store exclusives onto other Android devices through the use of Chainfire. This is especially true with Dead Space that was released a couple of weeks ago and has since been played on various Android devices through the use of the Chainfire app. This, however, requires you to have root.

So far every game that has been released onto their Flexion Store has yet to make the jump to the official Android Market. So for a lot of us, the wait begins with yet another game a lot of people want to play.

Updated August 30th, 2011 1:37pm: The price for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is about $7 on their Flexion Store. Stay tuned for a video coming shortly of the game in action on an Xperia Play.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the heads up!

Developer Website: EA Mobile

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