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More information on Gameloft’s upcoming FPS game called Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Last week we reported on Gameloft’s latest announcement which was in regards to the next installment in the Modern Combat series of games called Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Since then a lot of buzz has been going around about this game, specifically about how good it looks.

Some sites are even stating that this is their best looking game so far to date, not just their best looking FPS (first-person shooter) title. So it is fair to guess that Gameloft is using something like Unity or perhaps Unreal Engine which, a while back, they announced they would be using for four upcoming games for mobile. So far we know of one game by Gameloft that was made using the Unreal Engine called March of Heroes but it doesn’t look as good as Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. March of Heroes does look good though.

So then what did Gameloft use for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation? Was it Unity 3D or Unreal Engine? We got in touch with our friends over at Gameloft and to our surprise, it was neither! In fact, the engine used to make Modern Combat 3 is their own proprietary game engine. So to answer the question as to whether or not this is one of the games Gameloft was going to use Unreal Engine to build, the answer is no.

Unfortunately no word yet on when this will be available.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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