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New 3D mobile MMORPG in the works called Destiny of Ares

A new development studios called TSG Studios has begun production on a new 3D mobile MMORPG that will be heading to both Android and iOS devices soon. TSG actually stands for Ten Strange Guys although there could be more in their group, at least we know ten of them are strange in some way.

However, when it comes to the actual game, there isn’t a whole lot to go on aside from some new concept art which looks pretty cool. From the concept art though we can at least take a few guesses at what sort of MMORPG for Android we can possibly expect.

Right off the jump just looking at the concept art we can tell it’s a sci-fi/space themed MMORPG and we already know the graphics will be 3D.  Also, with the way it’s drawn we can take a guess that the graphics will be the more ‘realistic’ type found in games like World of Midgard. There is also a list of features that will arrive with the games launch although considering this game is still in development, these features could change:

  • 3 races + 1 AI race
  • World divided on 3 parts
  • 3 main classes for each race
  • Post fantasy Sci-Fi
  • Race versus Race versus Environment
  • Dungeons at own territory at start levels
  • Race AI help to Races who are not so strong to defend main resource gathering points
  • Several times in a period all races grouping for Big Challenge
  • Crafting + Mining skills
  • Level-up by current activity
  • Hardcore Race versus Race or Player versus Player locations where you can lost all



Interesting point made in the features list as well regarding resource gathering points. Whether this means things like alchemy and flower picking or a more RTS-style resource gathering feature remains to be seen. If it does end up being a resource gathering feature as found in RTS games, it will be interesting to see how these guys pull that off while keeping the MMORPG format. For you storyline buffs out there, here’s the back story for Destiny of Ares:

The peaceful planet of Ares, with prosperous people, beautiful nature: sky blue lakes, meandering mountain rivers and canyons meet sun entering through deep forests and reflected in Grand Metropolis Alpha-Tau. But once there come Big Pegasus from far galactic in the center of this world, to main metropolis has fallen meteorite. It has brought ruin and misery, and turned half of the people in mechanized undead race. Meteorite was not just a message or challenge from space, it was ancient race spaceship named Pegasus N0x7 who has lost touch with their galaxy. As a result, there was internecine war. The Leader of Galaxy Alliance ordered generals of the races to divide their territories into 3 parts and prohibited any big conflicts. During the war they could have destroyed the planet and threaten the extraction of the main resource called Omicron. Therefore after complicated procedures and implementation of the new rules, the destiny of all three races was predetermined to exist around large metropolis with the huge crater.

Overall all three Races, faced the fact of co-existence, dividing nearest territories and resources, according to the rule that bans large-scale wars. They did not expect repeated attacks of mutated creatures and frequent grouping of three races in the struggle against all the major groups and their mutated leaders, defending one of the local race Outpost.


So there you have it, a new mobile MMORPG for Android and iOS on the way soon. Like we mentioned earlier though, this is still early in development so we are going to take a guess at a release time of early next year at the earliest.

Thanks to iforgez for the tip!

Developer Website: TSG Studios

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