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EVAC and EVAC HD by Hexage updated and now available for free

Our friends at Hexage let us know yesterday that their hit retro-style game called EVAC (along with EVAC HD) have been updated with some new levels which is always nice. However, even bigger than the new levels is the fact that both games are now free.

EVAC is a Pac-Man style game with some great glowy retro graphics, bigger boards and a more puzzle approach to gameplay. This update brings eight new levels to the Rescue of Cratos and just like all the other levels in the game, these news ones will have you sneaking around solving puzzles to escape all while not trying to die as you’re being chased down by your enemies.

Both the normal and HD version of EVAC are completely free, without ads. There are optional in-game purchases that you can make that can use to pass difficult levels, extend the amount of lives you have and longer lasting power-ups. These in-game purchases are completely optional though and the game is playable from start to finish without spending a penny if you don’t want to.

Developer Website: Hexage

Android Market Link: EVAC HD

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