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Preview of upcoming multiplayer tactics-style strategy game Hero Mages

Last year we reported on a little gem of a game called Hero Mages that won an award last year for Technical Excellence over at indiePUB. Developed by D20Studios, Hero Mages is a multiplayer turn-based tactics-style strategy game that is cross-platform compatible so you can play it on your PC browser or your Android device.

Where as the browser version is for multiplayer gaming, the Android version not only does the online multiplayer gameplay (and all the features of the browser game) but also comes with three additional single player game modes: A story-driven tutorial campaign, Quick Battle and Custom Battle. Even though this was originally a browser-based game, the developer has ported it over to Android using Adobe Air and has redone the entire user interface so it would work great on mobile devices and take advantage of features such as pinch zooming, scrolling combo menus, double-tap controls and more.

Hero Mages also features a lot of RPG elements as well including the ability to level your character up, summon creatures, cast spells, gain new items and gear and more. One really great feature in Hero Mages though is actually a technical one and that is this game actually uses line-of-sight mechanics so if you don’t have a line-of-sight on an enemy you can’t attack it.

While in multiplayer you can check out the statistics of other players in the game, chat with players you are playing with and should their be a disconnection, you are able to jump back into the game without losing anything. Definitely check out the video preview above to see everything including the game in action.

Hero Mages is set to be released on Android in Q4 of 2011 with an iOS version that will also be cross-platform multiplayer compatible coming later. As far as we know the game will be free with the ability to purchase in-game boosters although that is completely optional.

Developer Website: D20Studios

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