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Minecraft: Pocket Edition coming to other Android devices Sept. 29th

Danial Kaplan from Mojang has released some pretty awesome information for Minecraft fans who own Android devices that are not of the Xperia Play variety moments ago on Twitter. Through a post on Twitter which included a video, we can see Minecraft: Pocket Edition with touch screen controls.

Not only do we get to see the touch screen controls and how they will function but including with the video is a release date of Sept. 29th! This is great news for everyone who doesn’t own an Xperia Play and that has been waiting since the Xperia Play version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition got released. Pricing will be the same as the Xperia Play version which is sitting at around $6.50.

In a previous post regarding all things Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we mentioned that this would be first on a list of updates coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition with other items such as Survival mode and more slated for after the release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on all other Android devices. So the wait shouldn’t be a whole lot longer for those to land in our laps as well. Check out the video above to see the touch screen controls in action.

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