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OrangePixel’s retro-platformer, INC, heading to the Xperia Play first, other device to follow shortly

INC is a game from our friends at OrangePixel that we have been watching as it gets developed with interest. Really bringing it back to the old school gaming days, INC is a great retro-platform game that now has a couple of release dates for us to tell you about!

In INC you’ll be going through each stage shooting at the enemies in your way and even taking on some bosses while you’re at it. All of it is wrapped up in some serious retro-style graphics that will give any retro game fan a slight nerdgasm. Your goal in INC is to save Dr. Robotus but to do that you’ll have to survive and get through each stage (40 in total) across four worlds.


INC is set to release onto the Xperia Play as a temporary exclusive on this Thursday, October 20th and will remain exclusive to the Xperia Play until November 10th, 2011 at which point INC will be unleased onto all Android devices. If you are a fan of OrangePixel games and retro games in general, this will definitely be one to snag when it’s available for your device. You can check the game out in action below.

Developer Website: OrangePixel

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