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BBC series Merlin getting an Android game spin-off coming soon

A rather popular TV series called Merlin on the BBC network will be getting it’s own spin-off mobile game which will be coming to Android soon. Currently being developed by DNA Interactive, Merlin the Game will have you controlling the legendary wizard Merlin when he is much younger, just like he is in the TV show.

There isn’t a whole lot of details being released about Merlin the Game just yet although as far as the storyline goes, you will be on a quest to help Arthur and Guinevere but what you are exactly going to be helping them with remains to be seen. Gameplay will be in the style of point-and-click adventure gaming along with solving puzzles while following the storyline being developed. This sounds very much like an RPG type of game.

Unfortunately that is about all we know right now in terms of how the game will be. Details about how it will look, pricing or and exact release date have not yet been released although the game is slated for a general release time of Q1 2012. We will keep everyone updated as more information comes to light.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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