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Unofficial port of Nintendo’s Duck Hunt pulled from the Android Market?

Earlier today a few sites had reported on a game that recently made it’s way onto the Android Market called Duck Hunt. As it sounds from the title, it was a more unofficial port of the classic Nintendo game from way back in the day many of us used to play all the time while cursing the laughing dog.

Upon getting ready to write about it ourselves, we were about to download the game and give it a whirl to see how good of a port from the original it was. Unfortunately we were greeted with the Android Market’s 404 page when trying to find a listing that isn’t there or that has been pulled. If you do a search for it, it still shows up in the results both on the web version of the Android Market as well as the market application itself.

Originally it was released on Oct. 23rd, 2011 so the fact it managed to last this long on the Android Market is fairly impressive considering it used the Duck Hunt name along with the graphics and gameplay looking identical to the original game for the NES. No word on exactly what the reason is that it isn’t accessible anymore but we are guessing it had to do with copyright violations of some nature. You can try the link below and see if you can get it but for us it appears as though it’s been removed.

Android Market Link: Duck Hunt

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