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The Order & Chaos saga continues, another security breach and more accounts hacked

It looks like another string of hacked accounts on Gameloft’s MMORPG called Order & Chaos has happened once again. After pushing through some mild security improvements after the first security breach a couple of weeks ago, things had been rather quiet. That’s all changed over the last day or so.

Unfortunately, a new string of player have had their account hacked and all their gold/items stolen once again. Some of the victims have been hit multiple times during the first security breach while other account are completely new victims in this new string of account break-ins. While Gameloft has put in some changes to their security, it seems the effects only last for a brief moment.

Part of the issue is that the encryption the data was being used with hasn’t changed at all. All that has changed is the keys the game was using in order to decrypt/encrypt the data that was being transferred. As we know, the encryption that was being used to easily be cracked which lead to passwords and other important information being transmitted in plain text basically. There obviously must be some other underlying security flaw that is either new and has been found out or has existed already and is just being used now to gain access to people’s accounts.

Unfortunately there are still players as well waiting for their gear and gold to be returned to them from the first incident and now Gameloft has to contend with yet another breach of security. Hopefully this one won’t last as long as the first one or be as big. A few related forums threads can be found here: Thread 1 | Thread 2 | Thread 3 . Unfortunately, there are plenty of other issues that seem to be plaguing Order & Chaos outside of the whole security issue like massive lag and bugged characters.

Thanks to Joe for the tip!

Developer Website: Gameloft

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