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Hidden Gem Double Shot: Raze and Devil’s Creed are two ways to kill some time

It is interesting how things work out sometimes. While sifting through the Android Market looking for our next Hidden Gem, I stumbled across two games that fit the bill. One is a physics-based game called Raze while the other is a side-scrolling action RPG called Devil’s Creed.

Raze by Boldai

Raze is an interesting little physics-based game that could fit into a bunch of different game genres. It has a bit of racing/stunts in it, some puzzle solving and to top it all off it has a little maze solving. In total it has 20 levels crazy stunts with some interesting ‘vehicles’ and puzzles to solve.


  • 20 unique levels
  • Insane stunts
  • Physics mayhem
  • Tricky puzzles
  • Crazy vehicles



What is really interesting about Raze isn’t so much the game itself but how it was made. Raze was built using two tools that features drag n’ drop game making. One is called Brain building while the other is just a tool for Unity3D, mostly for the graphical stuff. Boldai is actually the creator of Brain Builder so this is their own engine which is also available for anyone who is aspiring to be a game developer.

Raze is pretty entertaining though and, although a bit short, is a great time killer. You can download Raze off the Android Market for free. You can check the game out in action in the trailer below.

Developer Website: Boldai

Android Market Link: Raze

Devil’s Creed by Alioth Corp.

Today’s second Hidden Gem is a game called Devil’s Creed. It is an action-RPG title that features big attacks and big damage wrapped up in some very anime-like graphics. The storyline isn’t really original as you will be playing as the hero who is out to save the world.


  • Perfectly support English, including dialogue, menu, etc.
  • With dozens of ascending levels in one game lasting hours
  • Unique skills and weapons allow players more freedom of choice
  • Playstation 3 type of Trophy system



As you may be able to tell, Devil’s Creed was recently fully translated into English and there is actually a plethora of different versions of Devil’s Creed on the Android Market. The normal version is for most Android phones while the HD version is for big screen Android phones. Not to leave tablets out of it, the ‘Pad’ version is geared towards Android tablets. When going to download this game, make sure you download the correct version so you don’t get any graphical bugs.

So far this game has been pretty entertaining in general, especially if you like Japanese style action-RPG games, then this is right up your alley. Each version of the game is available in a lite edition as well so you can try it before you buy the game. Buying the game will set you back between $4 and $5.20 depending on the version you buy. This is a pretty solid game if you just want some good one button mashing fighting entertainment.

Developer Website: Alioth Corp.

Android Market Link: Devil’s Creed HD


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