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EA releases Sim City Deluxe for all supported Android devices

EA’s Sim City Deluxe was originally an exclusive for the Motorola Xoom Family Edition which it would come pre-loaded on when you buy the tablet. Well after a short stint of being a device exclusive, EA has released Sim City Deluxe onto the Android Market for all supported devices.

If you’ve ever played a Sim City game or something similar then you already know what to expect in terms of gameplay and what the game is about. For those of you new to the Sim City series or this style of game, essentially you will be building up your own city, creating industries and keeping your population happy and health. You will also have to make sure you are pulling in a profit, keeping crime down and repairing natural disaster events among other tasks.


  • Face up to 7 multifaceted scenarios, from staging a glorious World Games to coping with a scorching heat wave. Begin with 7 starter cities inspired by world famous locations and remake them to your liking with over 40 renowned landmarks that spring to life.
  • As Mayor and City Planner, guide your city through seasonal catastrophes like blizzards, electrical storms, and locust plagues! Or how about fending off a random meteor strike? Even face multiple disasters at once!
  • A ton of buildings to construct
  • Pretty solid 3D graphics



Sim City and games that are similar to it are the type of games that you can generally play over and over again. A lot of people were wondering if this would ever make it onto the Android Market considering how EA has been releasing games lately. Well the good news is that you didn’t have to wait long. For those of you who want to pick the game up, you can do so for $4.99.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

Android Market Link: Sim City Deluxe (US Version) | Sim City Deluxe (International Version)

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