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Bridea to bring their upcoming MMOFPS game called DaVinci to Tegra 3 Android devices as well?

Bridea is a Korean game developer who has been working on an MMOFPS called DaVinci. Originally codenamed “Project R” before switching to “Project Renaissance” before settling on the official name of DaVinci Online, this is a 3D fantasy MMOFPS title that appears to be heading to Tegra 3 Android devices and was developed using Unreal Engine 3.

Currently still in development, the PC version of the game is slated to hit the shores on Europe and North America sometime in early 2012 and with a recent quote from Bridea it appears that they are bringing this game over to Android for Tegra 3 quad-core devices.

Working with NVIDIA makes the impossible possible. Our Tegra 3 optimized game DaVinci THD will look brilliant when it comes out, with mind-blowing 3D graphics and intuitive touchscreen interface. DaVinci THD will leverage Tegra 3 for its multi-threading capabilities, so we can scale across all four CPU cores and deliver the ultimate console-quality performance. As a result, DaVinci THD will be more realistic, interactive and challenging than anything we’ve done before. – Kijong Kang, VP and Executive Producer at Bridea Corporation.


While the PC version of the game will have PvP as the main content (it is a first-person shooter after all), there will also be PvE maps players can team up and conquer. The entire game take heavy influence from European architecture with big cathedrals and other massive structures. Players will be able to travel to various famous cities in-game as well including places like Milan, Florence, Sicily Island, Istanbul and more, all of which will be rendered in high detailed 3D graphics.


Screenshots from PC Version

Like any good fantasy MMOFPS, not that there really is many of them, the weapons are big, very big and some look steampunk-ish while others more military. All of the weapons will be available right away as well which Bridea says is to not only protect the new players but to level the playing field right away in that it’s about skill and not about whoever has the best items regardless of skill. There are various types of game play modes varying in difficulty from Bot Mode, PvE, Single and Team Death Flag, Death Match, and so on.

The big question is this, will the DaVinci THD version coming to Android come with all these multiplayer features or will it be scaled down to be a mostly PvE game. While we don’t have that answer just yet, it would not make sense to release an MMOFPS game onto another platform and strip it of it’s multiplayer functionality, especially when other games like Shadowgun are getting multiplayer soon and other MMO-type games already existing on Android. With that said, it’s a safe bet that most, if not all, of the multiplayer functionality will come to the Android version.

The PC version is already gearing up for it’s closed beta with an official release time of early 2012 which means we will probably see DaVinci THD land on Android sometime around the early 2012 mark if not a bit later. You can check out the trailer for DaVinci Online (PC version) to get a better idea of the possible awesomeness this is bringing to Android. The video quality isn’t the best but it is the best we could find, at least right now.

Developer Website: Bridea (Korean)

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