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iNiS’ to make their Euphoria tech demo into an actual Tegra 3 game for Android?

Back during Computex 2011 a game development company called iNiS showed off a game called Euphoria on a Tegra 3 quad-core Android tablet. While the game was essentially a tech demo at the time, similar to Soulcraft back during CES 2011 except now it’s coming as a full THD game, it seems as though iNiS will be bringing it to Tegra 3 devices soon as a full game as well.

iNiS has been around in the game development industry for awhile now having developed games for a multitude of platforms already ranging from the PS2, Nintendo DS all the way up to the Nintendo Wii. This will be their first stint into the Android gaming market and from what we can see in the tech demo video below, Euphoria is going to be a pretty unique game with some pretty amazing visuals. Here is another slightly fluffy quote from the press release, this one from iNiS about Euphoria on Tegra 3 Android devices:

Mobile gaming is about to take a huge leap forward with Tegra 3. Its GPU gives us access to higher-resolution textures and far better effects. And its four CPUs make Euphoria’s gameplay smoother, more interactive and quality that’s close to a console. – Keiichi Yano, Co-Founder and VP of Development at iNiS.


Unfortunately there is very little information on exactly Euphoria will be aside from the fact it will be an action puzzle game that deal with flowers as the main pieces in the game. Even the tech demo above doesn’t really tell us a whole lot about the game aside from the growing plants aspect of it. Since there are different types of plants we can guess that they have different effects or benefits with the overall goal being to fill the bar at the top.

Developer Website: iNiS

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