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Mojang confirms Survival Mode is coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The first ever MineCon has just ended and while it was mostly geared towards the PC/Console end of things, including the official final out-of-beta release of the actual game, there were some gems in there regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition. We already knew some of this would be coming but it’s nice to here is again.

One of the big things people have been asking when it comes to Minecraft: Pocket Edition is whether survival mode would be coming or not. Well now that the official PC/console version of Minecraft is finally out for the masses to enjoy, the Pocket Edition is now the prime target for some updates which was stated earlier last month. The general roadmap for Minecraft: PE was to get it out onto as many Android devices as possible, then bring more of the PC Minecraft content into the mobile game, such as survival mode.

First on the list is indeed survival mode from the sounds of it. This means those nice structures you have been building in relative safety will soon have animals and monsters all around them (depending on the day). This also means that crafting should be on it’s way as well considering survival mode would be suicide without and weapons or armor.

If it somewhat follows the order of development the PC version had, after survival mode we should see the Nether and canyons, Endermen and their homeland, NPC villages, strongholds and the new food/XP system. This is, of course, all down the road but according to a video from Minecon, Survival Mode is next! No exact time frame has been announced for when Survival Mode will arrive though.

Website Referenced: Gamespot

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