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The first Tegra 3 game shows up on Tegra Zone, the Glowball Demo

Glowball has been one of the two main showcase games for the upcoming Tegra 3 quad-core chipset, the other being Zen Pinball THD. Although the current version of Zen Pinball THD that is slated to come out this week is for Tegra 2 devices, the Glowball game is the first Tegra 3 title to make an appearance on the Tegra Zone app.

Even though it will be a demo at first, it will come with two complete levels to play: Carnival and Sea Floor. Glowball has been specifically designed to show off what the Tegra 3 chipset can do and even though when it’s officially released it will only be a two level demo, it looks like there are plans to turn it into a full game.

Glowball Demo (for now) Features:

  • Designed specifically for devices using NVIDIA® Tegra 3™, quad-core mobile superchip
  • Carnival level includes nine concurrent cloth simulations running in real-time
  • Sea Floor level includes 300 simulated kelp plants, 1400 other moving plants, and 2 million triangles of scene geometry
  • Interaction of scene objects using NVIDIA PhysX®
  • Dynamic scene lighting that can be changed by tapping on the ball
  • Particle, reflection, and skinned animation effects
  • Caustic lighting, fog, and schooling fish in Sea Floor level
  • Custom vertex and pixel shaders make for shiny fish and a wavy sea
  • Splitscreen mode allows you to turn visual effects on/off and compare the results



According to the new listing on the Tegra Zone Website and app, the Glowball demo will be released sometime in December 2011. Considering the rumors of the Transformer Prime that happen to be going around right now with a release date of Dec. 8th and Dec. 9th (from two different sites, NewEgg and GameStop), the demo will probably roll out at around the same time the Asus Transformer Prime is released. You can check out a preview of Glowball in the video below.

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