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The first full Tegra 3 game shows up on Tegra Zone, say hello to DaVinci THD!

Back about a couple of weeks or so ago there were a lot of articles we were posting about in regards to the official announcement of the Tegra 3 quad-core chipset and some of the games we hunted down that would be coming to upcoming Tegra 3 Android devices. Well the first full game has appeared and it’s a big one, DaVinci THD!

Currently still in development for the PC as well, DaVinci was first known as Project R, then as “Project Renaissance” before officially becoming DaVinci Online (for the PC that is). The mobile version, which we researched a couple weeks ago is a fantasy MMOFPS title being built using the Unreal Engine. DaVinci THD will be the mobile version of this MMOFPS game, also built using Unreal Engine 3. This game features everything you’d expect in a fantasy themed MMOFPS such amazing visuals and big ass weapons.

DaVinci THD currently known features:

  • Designed specifically for devices using NVIDIA® Tegra 3™, quad-core mobile superchip
  • Dynamic character lighting and gamma correction for more realistic light calculations
  • Interaction of scene objects using advanced physics simulations



One thing we thought was really unique about DaVinci though was that it actually has PvE gameplay to it, not just PvP. This means you’ll be able to group up and go after bosses and complete quests, things of that nature but as an FPS (first-person shooter) type of scenario.

While we speculated the idea that cross-platform multiplayer might not come with the mobile version, it would make no sense to exclude it from an MMOFPS and make the mobile version strictly an FPS game. With that said, this is one beautiful looking game and we even have a slated time for release of being January 2012! So get ready because this game is definitely going to be something else. If you are interested in a more in-depth look at DaVinci THD, take a look at our first article about it. Until it’s released though, enjoy the trailer and screenshots.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the heads up!

Developer Website: Bridea (Korean)

Website Referenced: Tegra Zone

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